Hearing Loss

Over 48 Million Americans suffer
from some form of hearing loss

Lifestyle Questionnaire and Hearing Aid Comparison Guide

New to Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is pretty new to me. I’d like to take the Lifestyle Questionnaire to better understand the factors I should consider when looking for a hearing solution.

Researching Hearing Solutions

I'm familiar with hearing aids and want to use the Advanced Comparison Guide to compare and research hearing aid models and features on my own.

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Where does your lifestyle take you? Check each situation where you would like to hear better.

Hearing at Home

Hearing at Work

Social Activities Events

Hearing with Family Friends

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Use the sliders to indicate which hearing solution features are important to you.


What the hearing aid looks like


Price is always a concern, are there specific restrictions to consider?


Battery life


Stream phone calls and TV directly into


Management for ringing in the ears

Experiencing natural sound

Hearing in its purest form


The ability of the hearing aid to adapt to various listening situations

Durability and Maintenance

Protection from dust, dirt, and moisture

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Listening Environments

How often do you participate, or would you like to participate, in the following activities?

Listening to the television or talking on the phone

I watch the news and my favorite shows regularly and/or speak to loved ones, co-workers, and clients on the phone

Following conversation in noisy environments

I find myself in situations where there are multiple people speaking in the presence of background noise

Listening to Music

I enjoy listening to the music on the radio, streaming, or live

Listening in the Car

I try to follow conversation in the car, especially when the speaker is in the back

Spending Time Outdoors

I attend sporting events, go for walks, or participate in other outdoor activities

Attending Meetings Presentations

I listen to discussions at work, listen to or lead presentations