Understanding Hearing Loss

Over 31 Million Americans suffer from some form of Hearing loss


Get Ready for Summer: 7 Tips for Hearing Aid Care

Ah, summer! Sun, sand, swimming, vacations! As wonderful as summer is for mind and body, it can wreak havoc on your hearing aid. These delicate devices are sensitive to the elements and can get damaged by exposure to moisture, extreme heat, even the oils in sunscreen. But we have some tips to help you keep your hearing aids in top form.

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Hearing for the First Time: What a Wonderful World!

So many of us take the sounds around us for granted: a baby’s first words, music, a conversation with a spouse or best friend. But for people with deafness, the world can be very silent. It’s hard to imagine the wonder of hearing for the very first time, but these videos allows us to share in that amazing experience.

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