Finding the Right
Hearing Solution

The right hearing solution is unique
to your lifestyle, preferences, and needs.

Widex Clear gives you the ability to focus your listening in a noisy environment by helping you locate the direction of sound, while also reducing background noise. It also eliminates disturbance from wind noise with the Clear Fusion model which features a new and improved microphone cover that significantly reduces wind noise. By combining Clear with DEX assistive listening devices, you can wirelessly enjoy television without any echo, listening to music, or using your mobile phone.

Many Clear models have a new function called Phone+ that transmits phone signals from one hearing aid to the other without delay. With amazing clarity, you can hear mobile and landline phone calls in both hearing aids without the use of extra devices.

The Clear even comes with a wax protection system in its in-the-ear and completely-in-canal models to prevent moisture or wax damage.

Clear comes with a three year warranty

For more information on Widex hearing aid accessories, call #phone# or contact a professional hearing consultant.

Our two ears were made to work together. Why shouldn't two hearing aids be the same way? With Widex Clear, they are. With advanced wireless technology that allows the hearing aids to communicate with each other, Clear provides incredibly natural and pristine sound. The Clear can be purchased as a Behind-the-Ear, micro Behind-the-Ear, In-the-Ear, In-the-Canal, and Completely-in-the-Canal models.

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