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Widex is focused on helping its customers recapture the sounds of their world. They created the world’s first digital in-the-ear hearing aid and continue to revolutionize wireless technology. Recently the company developed its own revolutionary wireless technology and introduced Beyond™, the made-for-iPhone hearing aid.



Widex History

As one of the largest hearing aid manufacturers in the world, Widex is known for a level of digital technology superior to many other brands on the market. Widex hearing aids let you listen comfortably during conversations anywhere, even in restaurants, at the gym, or in busy airports where listening and responding may be exceptionally difficult. Many Widex hearing aids are even water resistant, which means they continually perform well even when exposed to rain, perspiration and humidity. Choose Widex if you want to enjoy a technology-packed hearing aid that also has long battery life. Widex is perfect for people on-the-go who want trouble-free hearing aids. 



Why Widex?

Widex has long been at the forefront of hearing technology, since their first “pocket model” hearing aid in 1956. Explore the Widex product lineup, and you’ll find hearing aids of every type, from the easy and practical behind-the-ear models, to devices that are essentially invisible to the eye. Many Widex hearing aids also connect to electronic devices to help people of all ages communicate in the digital age. 

Consult with HearingPlanet and your local hearing healthcare professional to learn how to get the most out of your hearing aids, especially when using the new technology and electronic devices that are so prevalent in our daily lives. With the manufacturer’s warranty offered by Widex for their products, now is the perfect time to learn about how Widex can improve both your ability to hear and your quality of life.

Sound Class Technology: Widex hearing aids will automatically adjust settings based on the environment you are in, eliminating the need for you to press buttons or worry about adjusting the volume.

ZEN2GO: For tinnitus sufferers, Widex hearing aids offers a specialized solution called ZEN2GO that uses soothing harmonic tones to help tinnitus sufferers relax, reduce stress and manage the effects of their tinnitus.

“The Widex Sound”: The Widex Sound picks up a wide spectrum of sounds, so you hear soft sounds while making sure that loud sounds are not too uncomfortable. If you think about taking a picture, the only objects that develop on the film are those that show within the lens. It’s similar with your typical hearing aids in that the only sound that comes through the hearing aid are the sounds that are captured by the microphone. Widex devices have a very large “lens” or microphone range to give you a very full and natural sound.

Your HearingPlanet personal Hearing Consultant is always available to discuss Widex products and help you learn the many ways these innovative hearing solutions can benefit your lifestyle. Call 1-888-807-8163.


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Widex Hearing Aid Models

Custom Unique
An in-the-canal hearing aid made custom to fit your ear provides well-rounded sound while reducing the discomfort of high pitched noise.
Fashion Unique
Natural and clear sound created by wireless technology that allows your hearing aids to communicate with each other.
Passion Unique
Incredibly powerful. Incredibly discreet. Passion shows that big things do come in small packages.
Fusion Unique
Fusion gives you the listening experience you desire: Less noise and more meaningful sound.

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