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Moxi Now is the smallest wireless RIC in the world based on exterior dimensions (compared to other products in it's class)

Unitron Moxi Now | The Smallest Wireless Ready RIC Hearing Aid 


Representative of actual size.

Although it's only about the same height as a penny,
Unitron Moxi Now packs-in several highly advanced features.




The Smallest Are Often The Sweetest

The world’s smallest hearing instrument in its class, the engineers at Unitron managed to pack in all the features and functionality you need for one of the best hearing experiences possible. Check out the data sheet below for a closer look into the different levels of hearing possible with Moxi Now Hearing Aids.



What Makes Moxi Now Unique?

Unitron Moxi Now hearing aids are about 0.75-inches tall and .25 inches wide. They’re 39% smaller than Unitron’s next smallest RIC and beats the nearest competitor’s size volume by 14%. Even though it is around the size of a penny, there is no compromise in performance.

Putting the needs of patients first is the design inspiration for Moxi Now, offering a virtually invisible RIC wireless hearing aid solution, in a fully automatic instrument users can put in in the morning and wear comfortably all day long, without the need for constant adjustment. Built on Unitron’s advanced North sound processing platform, Moxi Now combines three cutting-edge features: SoundNav, Sound Conductor and SpeechZone 2. 


The Unitron Moxi Now is available in three different models; the Pro; 800, and, 700, each boasting progressively more sophisticated programs as you work up toward the Pro series. The following features are shared by all models of the Moxi Now:

  • Pinna Effect 
  • Natural Sound Balance
  • Data logging
  • Feedback manager
  • Wind control
  • Tinnitus masker
  • DuoLink
  • Easy-t
  • Plasma coating
  • WDRC processing with NAL-NL1, NAL-NL2 and DSL v5
  • Linear processing with DSL v5




Patient Insights Advantage

Patient Insights is another impressive feature of the Moxi Now. It’s a program used to enhance communication with your hearing professional and dial-in your hearing experience.

Log It All data-logging captures real-world information about your listening lifestyle via feedback you provide using your smart phone and wireless communication with your hearing aids. You record how you’re hearing in different situations.

On your next visit to your clinic, the data is downloaded, and your hearing aids are adjusted further to meet your individual needs. The resulting combination of your insights, ratings, and situational data helps improve quality of care.







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