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The right hearing solution is unique
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New and existing hearing aid users alike will appreciate the seamless sound quality of the Unitron Moxi™ Fit. This hearing aid dampens loud noises and prevents whistling, two of the most potentially annoying problems with hearing aids. Meanwhile the Moxi™ Fit enhances speech clarity and accurately sifts through ambient noise to deliver clear communication even in distracting listening situations. The SoundNav program enables you to establish settings in several categories of listening environments including quiet speech, background noise speech, and intense or concurrent noise.

The Binaural Phone gives you control to deliver phone conversations to both ears. DuoLink connects your hearing aids with each other to moderate changes in volume or program selection. Controls on one side can automatically be applied to both ears. All these features boost your experience. All this, plus a three-year warranty protects your hearing aids. Give your HearingPlanet Personal Hearing Consultant a call today at 1-800-432-7669.  

When a hearing aid is singled out for its design excellence, it makes sense to give it a listen. The Moxi™ Fit earned the Red Dot award for design, and it lives up to that reputation with push button simplicity and control. The integrated telecoil feature assists in providing clear phone communication. The Moxi™ Fit is known for its sleek design and comfort, and as with all Unitron products, the emphasis is on natural sound even while connected through Bluetooth to your electronic devices. Excellent control and functionality are its hallmarks, but you’ll appreciate the award-winning design for the way it accentuates the better hearing experience. 

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