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The right hearing solution is unique
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Seamless technology. Brilliant, clear sound. That’s what you get with the Unitron Moxi™ Dura. Unitron focuses its energy and research on delivering sound that feels natural, not reproduced. Then it’s all backed up by comfort engineering to make your experience using a Unitron Moxi™ Dura hearing aid an absolute pleasure.

With settings to handle it all, the Moxi™ Dura works in every environment, from quiet conversations to discussions in crowded places. Plus, the Binaural Phone lets you listen with both ears, not just one. The DuoLink feature connects your hearing aids as one to better manage changes in volume or program selection. And with a three-year warranty, the Moxi™ Dura is a safe and rewarding investment in better hearing. Want to know more about this hearing aid? Talk to a HearingPlanet Personal Hearing Consultant today at 1-800-432-7669. 

Hearing you can depend upon. That’s the Moxi™ Dura, with a long-lasting battery and solid construction that remains light and easy to wear. But the real benefits are amazingly natural sound in a hearing aid that’s light, attractive, and simple to use. The Unitron Moxi™ Dura is a hearing aid we share with many of our customers because it’s so dependable and well-designed. 

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