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Unitron has led the way for hearing aid brands in manufacturing devices with advanced features to address varied background noise and sound levels. Innovation and style are driving forces for the professionals at Unitron. The company continues to win awards for its leading hearing aid designs, including one for the world's smallest wireless RIC, the Moxi Now, which won Red Dot's "Best of the Best" design award 2017.



Unitron History

Unitron has believes the best way to help consumers choose a hearing aid is by offering them the opportunity to test devices before purchasing. Their unique Flex™ program lets you try out hearing aids calibrated for your unique type and level of hearing loss. That way you can feel confident in your choice.

Since 1964, research and development at Unitron has focused on products and features that will benefit users the most. Through the 1980s, Unitron grew to be a leader in power analog BTE (Behind The Ear) devices for people with severe to profound hearing loss. These days, Unitron continues to be a leader in the digital hearing aid space, winning several product design awards. During the digital era, programmable hearing aids and fitting software are continually changing the landscape of hearing solutions, and Unitron continues to advance their software to improve fittings among patients.

The Unison platform brought a digital revolution to Unitron, which continues with signature features to specifically address speech preservation and intelligibility. These features include the award-winning AntiShock™, SmartFocus™, SoundNav, Sound Conductor and SpeechZone 2, as well as listening environment logging and feedback tools that are used with a smart phone to help dial in the perfect fit, while giving audiologists real-life insights.



Why Unitron?

Once you’ve determined the type of hearing aid you need, Unitron makes the next step easy by offering models to alleviate almost every type and level of hearing loss. 

Models offered by Unitron include receiver-in-canal, in-the-ear, and behind-the-ear styles. Every Unitron option guarantees quality and responsiveness. You get clear sound in a device that meets your precise needs for style, fit, and comfort. Unitron is known for its sound clarity and ability to deliver results in all listening situations, so you’ll be pleased with your improved hearing and just how easy Unitron hearing aids are to use. Unitron wants you to wake up every day excited about what you’ll hear. 

Sleek Design: A lot of thought and insight goes into designing hearing aids with easy access to volume and program controls that are also comfortable to wear all day.

Flex Upgrade: If your hearing needs change during the life of your hearing aid, it’s possible to upgrade to more advanced technology without purchasing a brand new device. With many Unitron hearing aids, you can upgrade the software within the device for a small fee and continue to enjoy the right level of technology.

SoundNav: Unitron’s automatic startup program which automatically makes adjustments to volume and program settings depending on your current listening environment. 

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Unitron Hearing Aid Models

Moxi Now
Moxi Now is the smallest available RIC with wireless connectivity. It includes many of the features found in comparable larger hearing aids and runs on Unitron's advanced North platform.
Stride Custom
Power and technology in a compact hearing instrument that is cosmetically appealing and custom built to fit your ear.
Stride IIC
A virtually invisible hearing solution.
Maximum hearing brought to you with the 's powerful ability to capture clear speech and everyday sounds.
Moxi Dura
Durable, reliable, and long lasting. That’s the Unitron Moxi™ Dura.
Moxi Fit
Engaging style and functionality with push-button control and telecoil to deliver clear conversation in person or on the phone.
Moxi Kiss
So small you might forget that its sophisticated technology is continuously delivering well-defined sound and comfortable listening.
High performance offering comfort, style and discretion.
Stride P
High performance offering comfort, style and discretion.
Stride P Dura
ITEs that deliver feature packed performance in a slimmed down size.

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