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Starkey Hearing Technologies prides itself on its rich 50-year history as an innovative manufacturer of hearing aid technology and solutions.  The company continually develops more discrete, easier, and better ways to hear. Starkey Hearing Technologies created the first in-canal hearing aid, as well as the first invisible, custom digital hearing aid. Starkey was also first to use nanotechnology in hearing aids, to waterproof hearing aids, and was the pioneer in solving the problem of hearing in noisy environments.



Starkey History

The Starkey Hearing Technologies legacy began in 1967, when William F. Austin started Professional Hearing Aid Service, a hearing instrument repair service in Minnesota that serviced all makes and models. From there, Mr. Austin purchased an ear mold company and retained its established name, Starkey. 

Throughout its history, the Starkey brand has become synonymous with ingenuity and innovation. Not only has Starkey developed custom instruments  to meet individuals' hearing loss needs, they've also developed tools and testing equipment to help providers deliver excellent results to their patients for an even greater level of personalized hearing care. 



Why Starkey?

Starkey Hearing Instruments doesn't develop new solutions only for the sake of innovation. Rather, the company is dedicated to providing wearers with the most personalized hearing solutions possible, with significant measureable improvements in each new design. Starkey listens to the needs of patients and providers when considering new features and innovations.

Known for early development and improvement upon its in-the-canal devices, Starkey develops various styles of hearing aids to fit the individual needs of its wearers. From feature packed RIC (Receiver-In-Ear) models, to high-powered BTE's (Behind-The-Ear), to CIC (Completely-In-Canal) and invisible options, Starkey has a history of including as many features and new technologies into each design as possible.

Starkey also develops listening solutions for musicians and entertainers to help them perform at their best.  Your HearingPlanet personal Hearing Consultant can help you learn more about Starkey hearing aids and accessories. Call 1-888-807-8163.


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