All-day hearing
without the
battery hassle.

The Signia Cellion rechargeable
hearing aid delivers convenience
and performance.


Signa Cellion Primax | First Inductive Lithium Ion Rechargeable Hearing Aid 

Cellion™ primax™ RIC hearing aids can help most hearing losses and can be fitted with different domes
or molds to help those who desire the convenience of lithium ion rechargeable hearing aids and advanced sound clarity.



How is the Cellion Primax Hearing Aid Different?

Cellion primax by Signia is the first wireless hearing aid that uses inductive-charging lithium-ion technology. In addition to doing away with the hassle of changing disposable batteries, Cellion primax begins charging automatically when you lay it in the charger. Thanks to smart electronics, it turns on automatically when you take it off the charger. A full 4-hour charge lasts for up to 24 hours with unlimited wireless streaming and a 30-minute 'fast charge' powers the hearing aid for up to 7 additional hours. Cellion's integrated lithium-ion power cell and OneShell design provide non-contact charging while removing the need for a battery door, making the Cellion Primax moisture resistant and easy to use.  


How does Cellion Perform in Tough Hearing Environments?

From busy offices and production facilities to crowded restaurants and large events, noisy environments can make listening to others a challenge, even for people with normal hearing.

Cellion meets these challenges head-on with its advanced SpeechMaster function. Cellion monitors the sounds around you and automatically focuses in on your conversation partners. SpeechMaster reduces background noise, including noise created by other voices. You'll spend less time straining to hear the sounds you want to hear thanks to the benefits of Cellion technology.



Top 10 Cellion Primax Features

  1. Remote Control - Can be controlled by touchControl app or miniPocket
  2. Directional Mics - Understand the speaker in front of you in noise 
  3. IP68-rating - Moisture, sweat, dust, and dirt resistant so it lasts longer
  4. Push Button Adjustment - Allows you to manually adjust programs
  5. Rechargeable Li-Ion Cells - Last up to 5 years, 24-hr use per charge 
  6. MyHearing app - Allows you to record and provide feedback to providers
  7. Wireless - Cellion e2e wireless 3.0 - streaming and remote control
  8. TwinPhone - Signal is transmitted from one hearing aid to the other 
  9. OneShell - Provides comfort and style, while enhancing reliability
  10. miniReceiver 2.0 - Available in 4 lengths and power levels: S,M,P, and HP



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