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You’ll be most impressed by the Rexton Strata 2c’s speed and responsiveness. It offers one of the best anti-noise and directional hearing combinations on the market. This dual function builds off HD Directionality, one of the most intelligent systems available in hearing aids today. The result is far less strain or fatigue in hearing, as these devices operate with sleek sound management in every listening environment. Crowded rooms? No problem.

The HD Microphone whisks through sound in up to 36 channels, producing a nuanced return in targeted voice quality without unwanted noise. The Automatic Focus 360 feature gathers sound even when it comes from behind. That makes things far easier when conversation is being directed your way from the back seat of a car, or when standing in a line at an event. Wireless and Bluetooth compatibility vary by model and hearing aid type. Your Personal Hearing Consultant at HearingPlanet can share more information about the high-speed Rexton Strata 2c hearing aid and accessories. Call 1-800-432-7669 today.

The Rexton Strata 2c is the hearing aid for you if you want perfect fit and technology that leads the way to better hearing. This hearing aid offers HD speech processing with wireless connectivity enhanced for fast, easy sync with your devices. Backed by a rechargeable battery system, so you can keep moving as long as life demands.

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