Finding the Right
Hearing Solution

The right hearing solution is unique
to your lifestyle, preferences, and needs.

ReSound LiNX² represents a new generation of hearing aids designed to smarten up your hearing experience - even if all you want is a simple hearing aid that works wherever you go. The 2.4 GHz wireless technology driving the LiNX² is specifically engineered to work with the iPhone and connect all your communication and entertainment needs in one place. The ReSound LiNX² models offer an expansive set of features that serve every type of hearing loss and lifestyle. In fact LiNX is the world’s first family of hearing aids designed specifically with smart technology in mind. With LiNX², you can gain the sound quality you’re seeking through ReSound Spatial Sense™. The feature is capable of determining what type of sound you’re hearing, and which you need most. Binaural Directionality™ II intelligibility allows you zoom in to the sounds that you need to hear while still being able to listen to the sounds around you

ReSound LiNX² is the hearing aid you’ve been seeking if you want a device that helps you move through life without pause or concern for what you might be missing. With top-rated sound quality and enhanced fit, it’s easy to forget you’re wearing a hearing aid at all. And that’s the point. ReSound hearing aids can bring the sounds you want to hear close, and filter out distractions from wind or noisy rooms. With the ability to connect to your iPhone wirelessly, taking calls has never been easier. 

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