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ReSound hearing aids implement smart technology to help connect you to the world you live in. Best of all, it easily and quickly adapts to your life, needs, and whatever situation or hearing conditions you are in. Known as an innovator in streaming technology and smart hearing technology, ReSound's LiNX2 and ENZO2 hearing aids are made to connect with iPhone,iPad, or iPad Touch and also work .



ReSound History

Founded in 1943, ReSound hosts a huge selection of hearing aids to choose from so you can address any different type of hearing loss. ReSound’s ever-changing technology ensures you are able to effortlessly adapt to the digital world we’re surrounded by, without having to worry about giving up style or comfort.

ReSound is responsible for several hearing industry firsts including WDRC (Wide Dynamic Range Compression) which brought innovation to sound processing. Their DFS (Digital Feedback Suppression) was the first system to effectively handle the challenges of howling and distortion.

ReSound developed the first open-standard digital chip that created a new standard for programming flexibility. The ReSound AIR was an entirely new type of hearing solution that provided more natural sound and helped eliminate much of the discomfort of plugging the ear canal.



Why ReSound?

Through generations of technological advancements that began with the founding of the company in 1943, ReSound has continually improved the hearing aid solutions they offer by combining original audiological insights with progressive design and technology. Now ReSound hearing aids are “smart by design,” offering adaptable technological features to capture digital as well as natural sound with ease and clarity. 

HearingPlanet’s Personal Hearing Consultants can answer questions you may have about ReSound products and hearing aids. But what we really want to help you do is achieve the quality of life you desire with better hearing, the best way possible. Let’s connect and talk about your goals for better hearing.

Made for iPhone: ReSound hearing aids have the ability to directly stream phone calls through your hearing aids without the need for additional accessories.  Along with their iPhone apps and wireless connectivity you can make adjustments to the hearing aids via your phone as well as answer phone calls and listen to music through the hearing aids.

Tinnitus Sound Generator and Nature Sounds: A variety of relaxation sounds are available for tinnitus management. These are easily manipulated through a Smart Phone app or remote control.

Sound Shaper: When there is so much hearing loss at a particular frequency that we are unable to amplify without distortion, sound shaper steps in to move the speech cues from that frequency to one with better clarity, thus giving you access to sounds you otherwise would not be able to hear.

Your Personal Hearing Consultant at HearingPlanet is happy to discuss ReSound hearing aid solutions with you. Call 1-888-807-8163.

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ReSound Hearing Aid Models

No compromise in sound quality or listening comfort. Just effortless hearing as nature intended.
ReSound ENZO²™ is the next generation of Smart Hearing aids for patients with severe and profound hearing loss. With top-rated sound quality, a durable design, personalized control and more ways to connect to the world, it’s a hearing experience like no other.

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