Finding the Right
Hearing Solution

The right hearing solution is unique
to your lifestyle, preferences, and needs.

The Virto V raises the bar in hearing aid performance with its seamless ability to adjust to sound environments in real time. It senses and optimizes sound automatically, changing settings to suit your hearing preferences without the need to fiddle or adjust the device. The AutoSense OS and Binaural VoiceStream Technology™ share speech from one ear to the other so you can hear better and move about in all environments with confidence. The Virto V also offers seamless operation with your favorite devices including your smartphone, tablet, or even your television.

As appealing as it is in terms of functions and features, the Virto V also comes in a variety of colors and models so you can choose the model and style that fits your lifestyle in every way. This is one of the smallest, most capable hearing aids on the market. Call HearingPlanet at 1-800-432-7669 today to learn more.

The Phonak Virto V is “state-of-the-art” in every way when it comes to miniaturized hearing aid devices. The all-new sleek design truly is a work of art in both technology and design. The Virto V hides away while in use. But with all its benefits, you might be tempted to share or “show it off” to impress your friends with the sound quality. Virto V is like a home stereo system for your ears.