Finding the Right
Hearing Solution

The right hearing solution is unique
to your lifestyle, preferences, and needs.

You can enjoy the art of conversation and embrace the world of sound again with Bolero V hearing aids. These wonderfully engineered devices store and recall your sound preferences and can adjust settings automatically as you enter different environments. Use the built-in Bluetooth ready features to connect with a smartphone or tablet, television, or stereo sound system. Shift the audio in your hearing aids to both ears and the sound truly is stereo, even while talking on the phone.

The Bolero V is available in three performance levels and options. The three-year warranty speaks to the quality of materials and digital components, and the Bolero V comes in price ranges to meet your budget. Wireless and Bluetooth options do vary from each model and hearing aid. To learn more about Phonak hearing aids and accessories, contact 1-800-432-7669 to speak with a HearingPlanet Personal Hearing Consultant.

The Bolero V is specifically designed to adjust to every sound environment you encounter. That means you’re free to move about from place to place and keep in touch with every conversation or sound you wish to hear. At one time, it wasn’t uncommon for hearing aids to fail in places like busy restaurants or bars, or when you were listening to live music or enjoying the quiet at home, but the Bolero V thrives in all these environments, making it so much easier to enjoy life and hear what’s going on wherever you go.