Finding the Right
Hearing Solution

The right hearing solution is unique
to your lifestyle, preferences, and needs.

The Audéo B Series includes the world's first ever all-day, rechargeable, lithium-ion hearing aid: the B-R.

The Audéo B features the latest operating system and chip from Phonak: the Belong platform. The new automatic program, AutoSense OS, is an improvement that blends programs together to provide premium quality sound. Put the hearing aids on in the morning and take them off at night without the hassle of manual adjustments.

A more sophisticated frequency-lowering technique is incorporated into the Audéo B that's designed specifically for users that suffer from high frequency hearing loss. The Belong Platform also includes improvements for asymmetrical hearing losses and features the new CROS B function for single sided deafness.

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The Audéo B and B-R Platforms run on the Belong chip platform, Phonak's most advanced hearing aid technology to date. All B platform models are currently Receiver In Canal (RIC) styles.

Features include:

  • First ever Lithium-ion rechargeable hearing aid (B-R model) with all-day charge
  • Sophisticated frequency lowering program (SoundRecover 2) - excellent for high-frequency hearing loss
  • AutoSense OS automatically blends programs together to respond to your environment
  • New feature for programming asymmetrical hearing losses that provides more comfort
  • New CROS option for single sided deafness - provides panoramic audio program to the hearing ear