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From humble beginnings as Denmark's first hearing solution distributor over 100 years ago, to becoming one of the world's top hearing aid manufacturers, Oticon continues to place "People First" in the development of new hearing technologies. Oticon was a pioneer in developing the first fully digital hearing aid and has evolved further to incorporate the concept of BrainHearing™, a process that supports the way your brain hears sound thanks to Oticon's technology, custom designs, and innovative hearing solutions.



Oticon History

The Oticon legacy began in 1904, when Hans Demant, wanting to help his hearing impaired wife, travelled to England to buy a hearing device similar to those worn by royalty. He partnered with a British company and became the first distributor of hearing solutions in Denmark. His son William took over the company in 1910. The World Wars and the Great Depression limited his ability to export completed hearing aids from England, so he began to import partially completed models and finished them in Denmark.

After a disagreement with his supplier, William and American hearing aid producer, Charles Lehman, formed the American-Danish Oticon Corporation. They expanded globally in the following years.

Oticon has become one of the leading hearing aid manufacturers over the past four decades thanks to their new global vision - a commitment to putting 'People First' - and dedication to innovative design.



Why Oticon?

At Oticon, people are the starting point. People First is the company's promise. Everything Oticon does always begins with the people, the customers. This promise is not only to help people hear more, but live more.

Oticon's new Opn platform provides advanced hearing aid technology in a variety of designs including rechargeable options. Tinnitus SoundSupport™, available on all Opn styles, is a powerful solution to help ease the effects of tinnitus for patients. Oticon's proprietary BrainHearing™ technology provides more complete support for how the brain processes sound and features improved real-time processing to deliver a signal more like a healthy ear. Your HearingPlanet personal Hearing Consultant can help you learn more about Oticon hearing aids and accessories, So give us a call at 1-888-807-8163 today.


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