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Receiver In The Canal (RIC) Hearing Aids

Among all the styles of hearing aids, the receiver-in-canal type is something of a hybrid. It looks like a standard Behind-the-ear (BTE) aid, but its components are divided into two parts: the case, which fits behind the ear holding the amplifier and microphone and a small earpiece holding the receiver, which fits inside the ear. A tiny, virtually invisible electrical wire connects the parts.

RIC hearing aids are very unobtrusive, with a case that's among the least visible. The receiver is placed in a small silicone dome that fits into the ear canal.  Many users find the small bud that fits into the ear canal comfortable with a less plugged-up feeling. Receiver-in-canal aids have superior sound quality, Bluetooth capabilities,  a more natural sound, and less feedback. They're particularly good at amplifying high frequency sound.  Additionally, it is easier to switch to a higher power speaker if hearing loss changes, preventing the need for an entirely new hearing aid purchase.  RICs can have some drawbacks, including being susceptible to moisture in the ear canal and earwax clogging, which may mean more frequent maintenance and care. But overall, for people with mild to severe hearing loss, the RIC style of hearing aid is a good choice, both cosmetically and for sound quality.

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