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Custom In-The-Ear (ITE) Hearing Aids

Custom hearing aids are a perfect solution for people with hearing loss who want a more discrete cosmetic option.  These types of hearing aids are made to the exact dimensions of your ear using impressions and digital scanning technology to create a custom fit.  The components are then placed into the custom shell that fits precisely into your ear. 

The custom aids can be made in different sizes depending on the individual size of the ear and ear canal, the degree of hearing loss, the desired battery size, and features required to fit inside the custom shell. 

Custom hearing aids can be made into a variety of sizes depending on the hearing loss and cosmetic preferences.  In the ear (ITE) hearing aids are the largest, allowing for larger batteries, more wireless options and smaller ear canals. In the canal (ITC) hearing aids are slightly smaller while completely in the canal (CIC) hearing aids are even smaller. As you go down in size, some features such as telecoils, wireless capabilities or volume controls may or may not fit into the hearing aid.

Some hearing aid manufacturers have even developed smaller version of CICs called custom invisible-in-canal (IIC).  CICs and IICs sit completely in the ear canal, making them virtually invisible.  The custom CIC and IIC hearing aids usually give up certain features and components and will have a shorter battery life because of the small battery size needed to fit completely into the ear canal.  Many CICs give up the wireless capability available in the RIC, BTE and larger custom hearing aids in order to be made so cosmetically small and appealing.  

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