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Product Comparison

New to Hearing Aids

Hearing aids are pretty much new to me. I’d like some guidance on how to compare various models and features.

Familiar with Hearing Aids

I am familiar with hearing aids and want to compare and research models and features on my own.

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Let’s take a look at lifestyle needs and situations where hearing aids may be helpful. Please check all activities that apply.

Hearing at Home

Hearing at Work

Social Activities Events

Hearing with Family Friends

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Buying Preferences

Use these slide indicators to help identify products that fit your needs.


What the hearing aid looks like


Price is always a concern, are there specific restrictions to consider?


Battery life


Stream phone calls and TV directly into


Management for ringing in the ears

Experiencing natural sound

Hearing in its purest form


The ability of the hearing aid to adapt to various listening situations

Durability and Maintenance

Protection from dust, dirt, and moisture

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Listening Environments

Think about the last few days. How much time do you spend or you would like to spend participating in the following:

Listening to the television or talking on the phone

I watch the news and my favorite shows regularly and/or speak to loved ones, co-workers, and clients on the phone

Following conversation in noisy environments

I find myself in situations where there are multiple people speaking in the presence of background noise

Listening to Music

I enjoy listening to the music on the radio, streaming, or live

Listening in the Car

I try to follow conversation in the car, especially when the speaker is in the back

Spending Time Outdoors

I attend sporting events, go for walks, or participate in other outdoor activities

Attending Meetings Presentations

I listen to discussions at work, listen to or lead presentations

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Based on your input we think these hearing aids may be a good match for you. View a side-by-side comparison of their features by selecting up to 3 products to compare.

For detailed comparison, select up to 3 hearing aid models below.


Compare your selections:

Hearing Aid Model
Product Image
Price per ear
TV Integration - Bluetooth
Speech Enhancement Noise Reduction
Feedback Cancellation
Water Resistant
Power - Profound
Wireless Capable
Listening Programs
Warranty (Years)