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Unitron Hearing Aid Models

Moxi Now
The Moxi Now is the the smallest RIC with wireless connectivity available. It includes many of the features found in comparable larger hearing aids and runs on Unitron's advanced North platform.
Stride Custom
Power and technology in a compact hearing instrument that is cosmetically appealing and custom built to fit your ear
Stride IIC
A virtually invisible hearing solution
Maximum hearing brought to you in Max's powerful capture of clear speech and everyday sounds.
Moxi Dura
Durable, reliable, and long lasting. That’s the Unitron Moxi™ Dura.
Moxi Fit
Engaging style and functionality with push-button control and telecoil to deliver clear conversation in person or on the phone.
Moxi Kiss
So small you might forget that its sophisticated technology is continuously delivering well-defined sound and comfortable listening.
High performance offering comfort, style and discretion.
Stride P
High performance offering comfort, style and discretion.
Stride P Dura
ITEs that deliver feature packed performance in a slimmed down size.

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