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Phonak Hearing Aid Models

Audeo B
The Audéo B Series includes the first ever all-day, rechargeable, lithium-ion hearing aid: the B-R. Featuring the latest chip from Phonak: the Belong platform, a new automatic operating system, AutoSense OS, blends programs to provide premium sound.
Audeo V
Durable yet sleek with a modern look and composite materials for long-lasting service, the Audéo V comes in four performance levels.
Bolero V
Bolero V gives you the latest in high-technology hearing aids with seamless performance in every listening environment.
Naida V
For people with profound to severe hearing loss, the Phonak Naída V drives improved hearing through high-powered technology.
Virto V
The Virto V stays out of sight yet enables you to converse with ease and stay in tune with everything going on around you.
Audeo Q
The Phonak Audéo Q is a Receiver-in-Canal (RIC) device ideal for people who have little or no experience with hearing aids.
Bolero Q
The Phonak Bolero Q offers water and dust resistant models in a full compliment of styles.
Naida Q
Get sound that works with Slimtuble BinauralVoice Stream Technology™ in the Phonak Naída Q.
Virto Q
Explore the benefits of custom sizes and technology with this hearing aid that remains out of sight.

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