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HearingPlanet has prepared a Free Hearing Aid Buyer's Guide to provide you with more detailed information on the facts about hearing loss, an explanation of hearing aids and how they might help you.

Do I Need Hearing Aids?

Hearing is essential to fully enjoying and participating in life, but 1 in 10 Americans experience some degree of hearing loss.

You have trouble hearing a conversation in public.

Family or friends often have to repeat what they say

Why Treating Is Important

Hearing loss begins gradually, often in the 40s, and many people ignore the symptoms – hoping they’ll go away. However, research shows that the ability to make sense of what we hear deteriorates more rapidly if the hearing pathway is not stimulated.

Types and Styles

Is There a BEST hearing aid? This section of the buyers guide provides information on the different types, styles and features of hearing aids.

Hearing Aid Features

What Should I Look For?
Over 15 years of customer feedback tells us these are some of the best features to look for.

What is the BEST hearing aid on the market?

This is one of the most frequent questions we are asked. There are several great brands, but there is no single “Best hearing aid.” The best hearing aid is the one that suits an individual’s unique lifestyle and hearing loss. A Personal Hearing Consultant and our Local Hearing Professional will be happy to educate you about various options and help select the right model.

Can you work with me if I’m calling on behalf of a family member needing hearing aids?

Yes. Every day, HearingPlanet helps sons and daughters calling for parents or grandparents, or nieces and nephews calling for aunts and uncles. Our Personal Hearing Consultants are trained to work with family members in making all the necessary arrangements for a successful hearing aid experience. Some of our strongest patient testimonials are the result of family members helping each other toward better hearing and better living.

What is included in the cost of hearing aids when I purchase through HearingPlanet?

The hearing aids, batteries for the trial period, standard manufacturer repair warranty, a loss or damage warranty, 45-day trial period, all fitting fees, and at least one year of service from an Endorsed Local Clinic are included in the purchase price. There are NO hidden costs.

Frequently Asked Questions about Hearing Aids

Hearing is essential to fully enjoying and participating in life, but 1 in 10 Americans . . .
— more than 31 million —
. . . experience some degree of hearing loss. This makes it our nation’s third most prevalent chronic health condition, after arthritis and high blood pressure.

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