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Unitron Quantum


e : $1,499.00 or $42/mo.*

6 : $1,799.00 or $50/mo.*

12 : $2,199.00 or $61/mo.*

20 : $2,599.00 or $72/mo.*

*Payment based on 14.9% APR for 48 months.
   Offer valid to qualified U.S. residents.

Price-Per Fitted Ear

Includes All Local Service

BTE Earmolds - $75

Available In: BTE , Micro BTE , ITE, ITC , CIC , Micro CIC


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Quantum Quality

Quantum stands out as a high-quality family of hearing aids. Be amazed at the wide arrray of features that work to boost your hearing and improve your life.

Enhance Your Comfort

Unitron's Quantum is committed to giving you an easy listening experience. With AntiShock, loud noises like a door slamming are muted, and a feedback management system reduces annoying whistling and buzzing. AutoPro allows you to move comfortably between listening environments, from a quiet car to a loud shopping center.

Two is Better Than One

Quantum links your hearing aids so they can communicate with one another. Telephone conversations with the Binaural Phone feature feeds conversation into both of your ears so you don't miss out on anything.

Smart Technology

Quantum knows how to connect to your other listening devices, wirelessly streaming and optimizing the sound from your mp3 player, television, and cell phone. Use Quantum's optional remote control to further enhance sounds according to your preferences.

To see if the Unitron Quantum is the best choice for you, please contact one of HearingPlanet's Hearing Consultants at 1-800-432-7669 to find out more.

Optional Accessories

Wireless and Bluetooth compatibility will vary by model and hearing aid type. For more information on Unitron hearing aid accessories, call 1-800-432-7669 or contact a professional hearing consultant.

uDirect 2

Wirelessly delivers clear sound signals directly to both of your wireless hearing aids.

uTV 2

An easy-to-use system that gives you full control over the volume of your TV listening experience.

Smart Control

Hand-held remote control that allows for a wide range of adjustments of hearing instrument settings, including real-time control over listening comfort and clarity.

Remote Control

Optional remote control that offers an easy, straightforward control of essential features of your hearing aids.

Direct Audio Input

Direct audio input (DAI), also known as an FM audio shoe or integrated FM receiver, is a small accessory that attaches to the end of your behind-the-ear hearing instruments. DAI allows you to connect directly to an audio system or television for clearer sound reception.

Technical Details

Technical features will vary by model and hearing aid type. Call 1-800-432-7669 or contact a HearingPlanet professional hearing consultant for the most up to date information.

Key Features


When you make adjustments to your smartFocus or volume control, your hearing instrument is gradually learning just how you like to hear in each situation. The next time you encounter a similar situation, these refinements will occur automatically. Offered only with our Smart Control remote, you can teach your hearing instrument your preferences with a single click of the learnNow button.


AntiShock detects sudden, jarring noises like a door slamming or dishes clattering and reduces them to make them comfortable, while preserving the quality of other sounds in your environment.


MyMusic is a dedicated setting designed to enhance your overall listening experience and appreciation of your favorite music.

Feedback Management System

The feedback management system is designed to provide a comfortable listening experience with less chance of your hearing instruments whistling due to feedback.

High-fidelity Sound

Uses state-of-the-art technology to meet all your unique hearing needs where the number of bands relates to the fine tuning of the sound.

Automatic Performance

Allows for speech clarity and noise comfort in challenging listening situations.

Binaural Phone

With Binaural Phone you can hear a phone conversation in not just one but both ears, increasing your ability to hear and participate in phone conversations.


Allows your hearing aids to communicate with each other so that changes to volume or program selection on one side can be automatically applied to both ears.


As you move between various listening situations, AutoPro transitions to ensure a comfortable listening experience. The AutoPro automatic program has optimized settings for three categories of listening environments: quiet or just speech, speech with background noise, and intense noise.

Smart Focus

Provides control over your listening experience. SmartFocus lets you focus on sounds in front of you or experience a gradual increase in awareness of sounds all around you depending on your listening needs.

Unifi Wireless System

Delivers hearing and listening convenience with automatic communication between your hearing instruments and your TV, cell phone, audio devices, and more.

Speech Enhancement LD

Adaptive directional microphones help you enjoy clear speech in a wide variety of listening situations. Plus, advanced speech enhancement amplifies speech to make conversation easier to hear.

Smart Control

This optional remote control enables you to adjust features like your volume control or SmartFocus to your listening preferences. It's discreet, ergonomic and convenient.

Adaptive Directional Microphones

Improves speech understanding in noisy environments by identifying and reducing noise originating from beside and behind you, so you can hear more of the speech in front.

Noise Reduction

Intelligently reduces background noise without affecting sound awareness or speech, providing you with enhanced listening comfort.

Whistle-Free Tech

Eliminates annoying whistling or buzzing.



3 Years