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Unitron, knows that hearing matters and we want to make sure everyone enjoys the blessing of the rich sounds of this world with ease and comfort. This is why they offer a variety of hearing aids and features so everyone can hear the symphony of life to its fullest.

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Unitron Hearing Aid Models

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Unitron Dura

Moxi Dura

FROM $1,499


The most reliable and durable member of the Moxi family, with long-lasting battery.

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Unitron Moxi Fit

Moxi Fit

FROM $1,499


Moxi Fit™ gives you the perfect combination of syle and functionality with push-button feature control and telecoil for clear phone conversations.

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Unitron Moxi Kiss

Moxi Kiss

FROM $1,499


So small you might forget that its sophisticated technology is continuously delivering well-defined sound and comfortable listening.

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Unitron Quantum HP

Quantum Pro

FROM $1,499


Take a quantum leap into the exceptional experience of the Quantum Pro, with continuous and automatic adjustments to ensure the best sound quality.

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Unitron Max Hearing Aids


FROM $1,599


Maximum hearing brought to you in Max's powerful capture of clear speech and everyday sounds.

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  • Unitron cares deeply about those with hearing loss. That’s why they work closely with hearing healthcare professionals to help them provide you with a great hearing experience. 
    Unitron was the first to recognize that not all conversations are created equal, that each conversation comes with its own unique set of background sounds. That’s why they decided it wasn’t enough to give patients one environment to target speech in noise. You need multiple environments designed to target different types of background noises in order to participate in all types of conversations without struggling to hear. This is the inspiration behind how they help you hear your best in any situation. It’s a totally unique approach, only from Unitron. 
    Unitron was also the first to bring you a better way to test drive a hearing aid before making the decision to buy. Because it’s a big decision. Will it work? Will it feel comfortable? Will it be noticeable? Will it work well in the environments where you spend your time. Unitron’s one-of-a-kind Flex™ program allows you to take home hearing aids programmed with the exact technology you need for your hearing loss, so you can feel confident that the ones you choose are the right ones, before you commit to buying them.
    With Unitron, you will find that your expectations are exceeded. 
  • uControl™

    The remote control app that lets you take control of programs and volume through your smart phone or smart device that you already carry around in your pocket.

    uMic™ 3

    This personal wireless microphone system lets you hear your companions more easily in challenging listening environments. Simply have the person speaking attach the uMic via clip-on or landyard loop to wirelessly send audio to both of your hearing aids.


    This small, clip-on accessory lets you experience stereo sound through easy, discrete wireless streaming to cell phones, tablets, TVs, FM receivers, and MP3 players. Conveniently acts as a remote.

    uDirect™ 3

    Enjoy direct wireless connections with maximum battery life to cell phones, tablets, TVs, FM receivers, and MP3 players. It can also be used as a remote control.

    uTV™ 3

    Sends stereo audio wirelessly from your TV directly to both of your hearing aids, making TV more enjoyable and entertaining.

    Smart Control

    Hand-held remote control that allows for a wide range of adjustments of hearing instrument settings, including real-time control over listening comfort and clarity.

    Remote Control 2

    Optional remote control that offers an easy, straightforward control of essential features of your hearing aids.

    Direct Audio Input

    Direct audio input (DAI), also known as an FM audio shoe or integrated FM receiver, is a small accessory that attaches to the end of your behind-the-ear hearing instruments. DAI allows you to connect directly to an audio system or television for clearer sound reception.

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