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Siemens Pure

3bx: $1,899

5bx: $2,399

7bx: $2,899

Siemens Pure Hearing Aid

Pure Features

Siemens Pure is a Behind-the-Ear hearing aid that combines the latest advancements in hearing technology into a tiny device. Available in four performance levels, Siemens Pure is great for those who don’t want to draw attention to their hearing loss. Siemens Pure is available in an array of natural hair colors and skin tones, allowing you to join the conversation, while your hearing aids go unnoticed.

*Prices listed per ear. Payment based on 14.9% APR for 48 months. Offer valid to qualified U.S. residents.

  • About this product
  • Features
  • With Pure, Siemens offers a variety of configurations & program options. Stay connected to your world.

    Using Tek or miniTek wireless technology, Siemens Pure hearing aids can connect wirelessly to your digital devices, including cell phones, stereos, mp3 players, TVs and other audio devices.

    Using the most futuristic programs, the Pure emits a perfect sound in any environment. Constantly adapting to a range of sounds, the Pure ensures you have a comfortable listing experience in any scenario. From singling out the right voices in crowds, to accommodating loud sudden noises, to minimizing the sound of howling wind, the Pure offers sound perfection.

    For more information on Siemens hearing aid accessories, call 1-800-432-7669 or contact a professional hearing consultant.

  • 3bx 5bx 7bx
    TV Integration - Bluetooth
    Speech Enhancement - Noise Reduction
    Feedback Cancellation
    Water Resistant
    Channels 24/12 32/16 48/20
    Listening Programs 6 6 6
    Warranty 3 year 3 year 3 year
    Price Range $1,899$2,399$2,899

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