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Siemens Orion


Orion : $1,899 or $53/mo.*

*Payment based on 14.9% APR for 48 months.
   Offer valid to qualified U.S. residents.

Price-Per Fitted Ear

Includes All Local Service

BTE Earmolds - $75

Available In: BTE , ITE, ITC , CIC , RIC


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As dependable as the stars in the night sky, Siemens Orion gives users a reliable and powerful hearing solution that is packed with the latest technological features.

Orion’s microphones focus on sound in front of you while diminishing noise coming from other directions, allowing you to hone in on the conversations that you want to hear.

Orion Models

The Siemens Orion comes in a variety of styles and models, so you are sure to find the best solution for your own unique needs. From powerful BTE options to tiny custom-made CIC hearing aids, Orion has you covered.

Wondering if Orion is the right fit for you? Try it risk-free for 45 days with HearingPlanet’s Perfect Fit Promise. Just call our Hearing Consultants at 1-800-432-7669 today to get started.

Optional Accessories

Wireless and Bluetooth compatibility will vary by model and hearing aid type. For more information on Siemens hearing aid accessories, call 1-800-432-7669 or contact a professional hearing consultant.


The award-winning ePen is a discreet remote control that works with the latest Siemens hearing instruments. Shaped like a pen, it lets you adjust the volume, switch programs and turn your hearing instruments on and off. A gentle tug and twist are all it takes to completely control your instruments without others noticing.


ePocket is a bi-directional remote control that supports many Siemens hearing instruments. It not only allows you to change the hearing program and volume setting of your hearing instruments, but also displays them on a convenient read out screen.


With the optional Siemens Tek or miniTek, Aquaris can connect wirelessly with MP3 players, cellular phones, TVs and other Bluetooth-enabled devices, turning Aquaris into a state-of-the-art wireless headset. So small and light, miniTek only weights 2 ounces and is about the size of a matchbox.


Our classic ProPocket remote control provides easy fingertip command over virtually all program functions. It is small enough to fit into a purse or pocket, yet the larger buttons offer great usability. Without consuming a lot of power, ProPocket gives you accurate, hassle-free control of your instruments.


With a clear visual display and large numbered push buttons, Tek wirelessly connects one at a time to phones, MP3 players, TVs and other audio devices. Tek streams stereo sound directly to your Aquaris hearing aids.

Technical Details

Technical features will vary by model and hearing aid type. Call 1-800-432-7669 or contact a HearingPlanet professional hearing consultant for the most up to date information.

Key Features

e2e Wireless 2.0

Even more efficient than directional microphones for improving speech intelligibility in reverberant and noisy environments, wireless connections bypass ambient noise by picking up the clean target signal and transmitting it directly into the hearing instruments.

micon eWindScreen®

Automatic algorithm which detects the presence of wind and suppresses it, in both dual-microphone and single-microphone hearing instruments. In hearing instruments powered by micon, the new eWindScreen™ works virtually instantaneously; and it works even when directional microphones are on, so that speech understanding in outdoor situations can be improved even in windy situations.

micon feedback cancellation

A part of miSound™ which combines parallel processing of two phase cancellers, as well as continuous critical gain measurements in the background to offer better feedback suppression than ever before.



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