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Siemens Eclipse

301: $1,899

701: $2,999

Siemens Eclipse Hearing Aid

Siemens designed the Eclipse hearing aids to make you as comfortable as possible. Miniature size, deep placement in the ear, high-quality materials, and the latest acoustic technologies all make Siemens Eclipse a top performing hearing device. Engineered with the tiniest components available, Siemens Eclipse is positioned deep inside the ear canal, making it practically invisible. This Completely-in-Canal model from Siemens is suitable for mild to moderate hearing loss.

*Prices listed per ear. Payment based on 14.9% APR for 48 months. Offer valid to qualified U.S. residents.

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  • Siemens Eclipse is positioned inside the ear canal in order to ensure the best sound transmission to the eardrum. Eclipse hearing aids are equipped with a specially designed Soft Dome. The gentle foam fitting guarantees maximum wearing comfort while eliminating the occlusion effect. The result is a device that offers the highest levels of comfort and performance.

    Using the most futuristic programs, the Eclipse emits a perfect sound in any environment. Constantly adapting to a range of sounds, the Eclipse ensures you have a comfortable listing experience in any scenario. From singling out the right voices in crowds, to accommodating loud sudden noises, to minimizing the sound of howling wind, the Eclipse offers sound perfection.

  • 301 701
    TV Integration - Bluetooth
    Speech Enhancement - Noise Reduction
    Feedback Cancellation
    Water Resistant
    Listening Programs
    Price Range $1,899$2,999

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