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Over half a century ago, Rexton promised to care for those who care – and they have kept this promise ever since. Their experienced team of industry professionals takes the time to build trusting relationships with our partners to meet their needs at every opportunity.

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Rexton Hearing Aid Models

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Rexton Finesse 2c

Finesse 2c

FROM $2,499


High-class, luxurious features in a sophisticated design.

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Rexton Strata 2c Hearing Aids

Strata 2c

FROM $1,999


TwinCore technology keeps pace no matter where you go.

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Rexton Accord 2c

Accord 2c

FROM $1,999


An attractive design that's packed with the latest in hearing technology.

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White Rexton Charismo 2c Hearing Aid

Charismo 2c

FROM $1,999


Natural-sounding speech in even the most challenging environments.

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Rexton Onyx Hearing Aid


FROM $1,599


Long-lasting performance in a sleek design.

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Rexton Day Hearing Aid


FROM $1,499


Rugged and dependable for each new morning.

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  • Over half a century ago, Rexton promised to care for those who care – and they have kept this promise ever since. Rexton listens to the unique needs of Hearing Health Professionals and people with hearing loss to develop products for every ear and every lifestyle. Their solutions are not only the result of extensive knowledge, but also the product of close cooperation with their customer.

    Rexton offers the highest sophistication and the most advanced technology fused in the tiny package of a hearing aid. Offering a variety of fits, Rexton hearing aids emphasize an easy listening experience and low maintenance hardware. Their product is so comfortable and reliable you will forget you are wearing it for hours on end.

  • Mini Blu RCU

    Maybe you’re passionate about music. Maybe you’re a movie lover. Could be the focus of your devotion is another person. Whatever you’re into, Mini Blu RCU lets you easily connect to various Bluetooth enabled devices like cell phones, stereos, TVs, MP3 players and laptops. It works with most Rexton wireless hearing aids, even the smallest ones that fit completely in your ear canal. Mini Blu RCU is everything you could want in a wireless accessory – in one ultra-small package. Using Rexton’s Blu Link technology with Bluetooth wireless connectivity, it sends sound from the electronic gadgets you can’t live without to both of your hearing aids. The clever little remote can be tucked in a pocket, clipped to clothing or worn around your neck on the included lanyard. Best of all, it juggles 2 connections at once so you can easily switch between listening to your TV and laptop computer.

    Blu RCU

    The innovative Blu RCU allows you to stay connected to all your favorite sounds and high-tech gadgets, even if you have hearing problems. Using Bluetooth® technology, the Blu RCU streams high quality audio from mobile phones, TV’s, computers, MP3 players and more to any Rexton product with Blu Link technology. Blu RCU doubles as a remote control for the instruments, allowing volume and program changes at the touch of a button.

    Remote Control

    With wireless technology, you can put the control of your instruments at your fingertips with an optional remote control. Easy, inconspicuous, and individualized.

    Green & Easy Charger

    Developed with convenience in mind, our Green & Easy technology allows select Rexton hearing aids to be charged overnight using a handy charging unit for a full day of trouble-free operation. No more worrying about batteries. Humidity and moisture can spell trouble for sophisticated hearing instrument components. That’s why the Rexton charger includes a drying function that will leave instruments dry and refreshed each morning. Don’t forget to pick up your Green & Easy charger when you purchase your hearing aids.

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