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Oticon Acto & Acto Pro


Acto : $1,799.00 or $50/mo.*

Acto Pro : $2,399.00 or $67/mo.*

*Payment based on 14.9% APR for 48 months.
   Offer valid to qualified U.S. residents.

Price-Per Fitted Ear

Includes All Local Service

BTE Earmolds - $75

Available In: BTE , Micro BTE , ITE, ITC , CIC


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Stay connected to your world with the Oticon Acto.  Engineered to dynamically adjust to your listening environment, Oticon Acto Pro hearing aids allow you to engage in conversations with greater comfort and convenience.

Oticon Acto and Oticon Acto Pro hearing aids also connect wirelessly with your digital devices, including cell phones, TVs, MP3 players, and more!

Fit Types: Oticon Acto & Acto Pro

Stylish and discreet, the Oticon Acto is available in a variety of Behind-the-Ear (BTE) and In-the-Ear (ITE) models. Additional models are available in In-the-Canal (ITC) and Completely-in-Canal (CIC) styles.

To see if the Oticon Acto or Acto Pro is appropriate for your needs and lifestyle, please contact one of HearingPlanet's Hearing Consultants at 1-800-432-7669 to find out more.

Optional Accessories

Wireless and Bluetooth compatibility will vary by model and hearing aid type. For more information on Oticon hearing aid accessories, call 1-800-432-7669 or contact a professional hearing consultant.

Technical Details

Technical features will vary by model and hearing aid type. Call 1-800-432-7669 or contact a HearingPlanet professional hearing consultant for the most up to date information.

Key Features

Voice Aligned Compression

Compared to conventional amplification strategies, Voice Aligned compression provides less compression at high input levels, and more at low input levels. This helps to provide more natural sound quality and maintain the integrity of the speech signal.

Front Focus

This feature emulates the shadow effect of the pinna and the forward bias of the ear, for a sense of natural directionality.

True Dynamics

Two compression systems - a slow 15 channel and a fast 4 channel system ?? work in parallel to provide more audibility, higher comfort AND protection from sudden loud sounds.

Binaural Coordination

Epoq coordinates volume and program shifts for a more balanced sound picture.

Binaural Synchronisation

Wireless technology intelligently synchronises compression, automatics, noise reduction and directionality to preserve speech intelligibility in all situations.

Binaural Processing

Two Epoqs communicate wirelessly to optimize the level and compression settings for the best possible conservation of inter-aural time and level differences, for maximum spatial awareness.


Receiver-in-the-ear technology avoids the tube resonance associated with traditional BTE solutions, keeping vital localisation cues intact.

Extreme bandwidth

Epoq??s 10Khz bandwidth provides access to vital high frequency cues, thereby improving sound quality, localisation and speech segregation.

RISE architecture

The RISE digital chip enables Epoq to capture an exceptionally broad variety of sounds and process them with great power and speed. The result is an extremely nuanced sound picture.

Spatial Sound 2.0

This system uses a Binaural Noise Management System that mimics the brain's natural ability to focus on where to listen. It prioritizes the ear with the better signal when there is loud noise to one side. It can then apply more noise reduction to the instrument on the noisy side.

Speech Guard

A dual analysis signal processing technology that continuously evaluates incoming sound signals BEFORE they are amplified.

Power Bass

Restores the rich bass sound typically lost through open fittings. It delivers a richer, more harmonic low frequency sound experience while streaming by adding synthesized harmonics to enhance the perception of lower frequencies.

Music Widening

Applies advanced reverberation research to reproduce a sense of space and realism to streamed music.