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Oticon’s mission has always been personal.  Founded in 1904, the world’s oldest hearing aid manufacturer was born out of one man’s unquenchable desire to create a better life for his wife who had grown isolated due to her hearing loss.  Over 100 years later, passion and insight into the real life needs and emotions of people with hearing loss remain at the heart of Oticon innovation.

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  • Oticon products are designed to put the needs of hearing impaired people first.  Extraordinary customization based on factors such as age, processing ability, listening environment, past hearing aid experience, and personal preference allows for a highly personalized fit and greater satisfaction across a broad range of wearers.

    Powering Oticon’s principal product lines is the Inium core processor featuring BrainHearing technology and advanced wireless capabilities. Hearing happens in the brain. These Oticon solutions improve speech understanding and decrease listening effort by engaging the brain’s natural ability to prioritize speech, ignore unimportant sounds, and separate multiple speakers and noises spaced throughout the wearer’s environment.

    Inium-powered Oticon solutions also offer easy to use wireless connection to electronic devices such as Bluetooth-enabled phones, television, and more for enhanced communication and enjoyment of media entertainment.  Oticon products with BrainHearing technology and wireless connectivity are available in premium, advanced, and essential performance levels with varying price points to satisfy a wide range of functional and budget requirements.

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